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Accredited by NAAC with "B" Grade (Affiliated to University of Madras)

College Emblem and Colours

The college insignia which is common to all Pachaiyappa’s institutions, is a shield with the pictures of a yellow sun with red rays centrally placed above it.

The left top half of the shield has a picture of a white building representing the college against a green background.

The right half of the top of the shield has the picture of a burning torch in red and yellow and with a bright gold handle representing knowledge. The word KNOWLEDGE is written in English against the grey background.

The bottom half of the Shield has the picture of a rose petalled Lotus with luxuriant green leaves floating on the blue waters. All these pictures are set against a white background.

The shield is skirted below by the saying in latin MENS AGITAT MOLEM meaning a Mind moves Matter. This is written against a green background. The border for this is in blue or black.